Lead/Boost Pump Trailers

Boom and Lead/Boost Pump Trailers

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Boom Force Feed Trailers

Force Feed Boom Trailer

  • Fifth wheel or semi king pin style
  • ATV/UTV storage with slide under storage ramps for UTV or fold up ramps for ATV (will hold up to JD 825 Gator, you will be overwidth when hauling Gator)
  • 450 plus gallon fuel storage
  • Up to 600 HP Deere engines, 763 HP Iveco engines, rebuilt engines available to cut costs as Tier 4 takes effect in 2018
  • Smart Turner or Pioneer pumps
  • Force feed up to 4100 GPM with enough HP

  • 8″ boom design for deep pit barns or sloped wall lagoons
  • Boom is wireless controlled as well as manual controlled
  • 4 outriggers are wireless and manual controlled
  • Hydrostat pump runs the force feed impeller, gear pumps run all other hydraulic functions
  • Hydro starts and stops through wireless remote control, Hydro speed is controlled by manual dial indicator
  • Planetary gear box is oil cooled
  • Coupler and plumbing to force feed with a remote pump or suck through a suction hose
  • All trailers are flow meter ready
  • All trailers are ready to accept Broadcaster II pump controls

Force Feed Boom Trailer

  • Heaviest built boom trailer on the market
  • We can customize to almost any need you may have

Lead/Boost Pumps

Force Feed Boom Trailer

  1. Pumps available in all sizes and configurations
  2. Bumper of gooseneck style hitch
  3. Can retrofit semi to run pumping unit eliminating the need for an engine
  4. John Deere engines ranging from 275 HP to 600 HP or Iveco engines up to 763 HP
  5. Can build the pump unit with rebuilt mechanical engine to cut overall cost
  6. Smart Turner or Pioneer pumps
  7. Heavy duty truck axles
  8. Steel fuel tanks under the unit to keep compact and for safe storage
  9. Fuel tanks hold 300 plus gallons of fuel
  10. LED work lights for night time operation
  11. Hood helps protect engine components from weather elements
  12. Front tipping hood for easy access to all engine parts

Force Feed Boom Trailer

Force Feed Boom Trailer

Boost Pump By-Pass

6″ or 8″ bypass

Manual valves or optional hydraulic valves

Lower elbow gets hose closer to soil surface reducing the kink in the hose

Lower elbow swivels to help get correct line up with the hose

Lead Pump ATV Deck

Optional ATV/UTV storage rack slide in and out for quick and easy storage and set up.

The back storage rack is adjustable for/aft to accommodate wheel spacing for the smallest 4-wheeler to the largest side-by-side.

Additional Options Include:

  1. Hydraulically operated gate valves
  2. Remote control full function operation of new units or existing units.  Remotely monitor all operations