Front Fold Toolbar

Easiest turning and best floating toolbar on the market!

Front Fold Toolbar, Puck, Farmstar, Titan 2, Titan, Bauer Built, VTI,
    • *Heavy duty double 7″ x 7″ stacked frame with 4″ x 6″ rear rank
  • *Lift wheels are behind the toolbar keeping weight on the tractor at all times
  • *Excellent flotation
    •       800 x R22.5 tires on center section
    •       600 x R22.5 tires on wings
    •       19.0/45-17 19″ wide dual wheels for swing pipe casters
  • *Swing pipe tower is mounted 4′ ahead of lift axles for easy turn around
  • *8″  vertical pivot swing pipe with caster wheels Patent Pending
  • *Cyclone row units
  • *Can run wing lift cylinders with center section or individually
  • *(3) 21″ LED work light bars
  •       7″ LED light for hooking up hose
  • *14′ road transport
  • *Automatic depth control
  • *Hyd down pressure for wings
  • *Requires 5 tractor remotes
  • *Optional 2 pt hitch
  • *WER high flow chopping manifold
  • *Available in 36′ to 60′ widths
  • *Other patents pending
Front Fold Toolbar, Bauer Built, Puck, Bazooka Farmstar, Titan, Titan 2, VTI, Dietrich, Phantom, Coulter-Till

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